A parallel ipynb processor (experimental)



 proc_nbs (path:str='', n_workers:int=4, force:bool=False,
           file_glob:str='', file_re:str='', symlinks:bool=False,
           folder_re:str=None, skip_file_glob:str=None,
           skip_file_re:str='^[_.]', skip_folder_re:str='^[_.]')

Process notebooks in path for docs rendering

Type Default Details
path str Path to notebooks
n_workers int 4 Number of workers
force bool False Ignore cache and build all
file_glob str Only include files matching glob
file_re str Only include files matching glob
symlinks bool False Follow symlinks?
folder_re str None Only enter folders matching regex
skip_file_glob str None Skip files matching glob
skip_file_re str ^[_.] Skip files matching regex
skip_folder_re str ^[_.] Skip folders matching regex