This section contains API details for each of nbdev’s python submodules. This reference documentation is mainly useful for people looking to customise or build on top of nbdev, or wanting detailed information about how nbdev works.

Title Description
config Configuring nbdev and bootstrapping notebook export
maker Create one or more modules from selected notebook cells
process A notebook processor
export Exporting a notebook to a library
doclinks Generating a documentation index from a module
sync Propagate small changes in the library back to notebooks
merge Fix merge conflicts in jupyter notebooks
showdoc Display symbol documentation in notebook and website
frontmatter A YAML and formatted-markdown frontmatter processor
processors Some processors for NBProcessor
clean Strip superfluous metadata from notebooks
test Run unit tests on notebooks in parallel
cli CLI commands
quarto Install and interact with Quarto from nbdev
qmd Basic qmd generation helpers (experimental)
migrate Utilities for migrating to nbdev
serve A parallel ipynb processor (experimental)
release Auto-generated tagged releases and release notes from GitHub issues
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