Exporting a notebook to a library



 ExportModuleProc ()

A processor which exports code to a module

Specify dest where the module(s) will be exported to, and optionally a class to use to create the module (ModuleMaker, by default).

Exported cells are stored in a dict called modules, where the keys are the modules exported to. Those without an explicit module are stored in the '#' key, which will be exported to default_exp.

everything_fn = '../../tests/01_everything.ipynb'

exp = ExportModuleProc()
proc = NBProcessor(everything_fn, exp)
test_eq(exp.default_exp, 'everything')
assert 'print_function'  in exp.modules['#'][0].source
assert 'h_n' in exp.in_all['some.thing'][0].source



 black_format (cell, force=False)

Processor to format code with black

Type Default Details
cell Cell to format
force bool False Turn black formatting on regardless of settings.ini
_cell = read_nb('../../tests/black.ipynb')['cells'][0]
black_format(_cell, force=True)
test_eq(_cell.source, 'j = [1, 2, 3]')



 nb_export (nbname, lib_path=None, procs=<function black_format>,
            debug=False, mod_maker=<class 'nbdev.maker.ModuleMaker'>,

Create module(s) from notebook

Let’s check we can import a test file:

shutil.rmtree('tmp', ignore_errors=True)
nb_export('../../tests/00_some.thing.ipynb', 'tmp')

g = exec_new('import tmp.some.thing')
test_eq(g['tmp'].some.thing.__all__, ['a'])
test_eq(g['tmp'].some.thing.a, 1)

We’ll also check that our ‘everything’ file exports correctly:

nb_export(everything_fn, 'tmp')

g = exec_new('import tmp.everything; from tmp.everything import *')
_alls = L("a b d e m n o p q".split())
for s in _alls.map("{}_y"): assert s in g, s
for s in "c_y_nall _f_y_nall g_n h_n i_n j_n k_n l_n".split(): assert s not in g, s
for s in _alls.map("{}_y") + ["c_y_nall", "_f_y_nall"]: assert hasattr(g['tmp'].everything,s), s

That notebook should also export one extra function to tmp.some.thing:

del(sys.modules['tmp.some.thing']) # remove from module cache
g = exec_new('import tmp.some.thing')
test_eq(g['tmp'].some.thing.__all__, ['a','h_n'])
test_eq(g['tmp'].some.thing.h_n(), None)

g = exec_new('import nbdev.export')
assert hasattr(g['nbdev'].export, 'nb_export')